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The Advantages of Diatomite’s Application in Industrial Filler?

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    First advantage: The industrial filler of diatomite can be applied in the pesticide industry, such as wettable powder, herbicides for dry land, paddy herbicides and biological pesticides. The diatomite has a neutral pH value, no toxicity, a good suspension performance, a strong adsorption capacity and a light volume-weight. The oil adsorption rate of it is 115%, and its fineness ranges from 325 meshes to 500 meshes. What is more, it has a good mixing uniformity.
     It will not block the agricultural machinery line. When used in soil, it can preserve the moisture, loose the soil, extend the efficiency of pesticides and fertilizers and strengthen the crop growth effects. Compound fertilizer industry: the compound fertilizer for various crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants. The advantages of applied diatomite: It has a strong adsorption capacity, a light volume-weight, an even fineness, a neutral pH value and a good mixing uniformity. The diatomite can be the fertilizer of high efficiency to boost the growth of crops and improve the soil. The rubber industry: the filler of rubber products like wheels of cars, rubber hoses, triangle belts, rubber rolls, conveyor belts and foot mats of cars. The advantages of applied diatomite: It can apparently strengthen the rigidity and intensity of the products. The sedimentation volume of it can reach 95%. What is more, it can improve the chemical efficiency of products like heat-resisting, wear-resisting, heat preservation and anti-aging. Building insulation industry: building materials that can preserve the heat and can insulate the heat and noise like thermal-insulating roof, insulating brick, calcium silicate thermal insulation material, porous stoves and sound-insulating and fireproof decoration boards, sound-insulating decoration boards for wall, floor tiles and ceramic products, etc.
    Second advantage: The diatomite can be used as additive in cements. After putting 5% diatomite in the cements can improve the ZMP intensity, the SiO2 in the cements will become active, and then the cements can be used as the emergency rescue cements. The plastics industry: plastics products for daily life, plastics products for architectures, plastics for agriculture, windows and doors, plastic tubes and plastics products in other industries.
    Third advantage: The diatomite has a good extensibility, a strong impact strength, tensile strength and tear strength, a soft quality, a good abrasive resistance and a high intensity. The paper industry: paper for office and industry. The advantages of diatomite: The quality is light and soft, and the fineness ranges from 120 meshes to 1200 meshes. With the additive of diatomite, the paper can become more smooth, lighter and has a higher intensity. It can also reduce the stretches caused by the changes of moisture. When used in the cigarette paper, it can adjust the burning rate with no side effects of toxicity. When used in filter paper, it can improve the clarity of filtrate and the speed of filtration. The paint coating industry: filler of paint coatings like furniture, paints for office, coatings for architecture, machinery and household appliances, mimeograph ink, drain table and car paints.
     Fourth advantage: It has a neutral pH value, no toxicity and a soft and light quality. The fineness ranges from 120 meshes to 1200 meshes. It is a filler for paints of high quality. The feed industry: the filler of feeds for pigs, chickens, ducks, gooses, fishes, birds and aquatic products.
     The advantage of diatomite: It has a neutral pH value and no toxicity. The diatomite ore has a special pore structure with big porosity, light and soft quality, a strong adsorption capacity and soft color. When added in the feeds, it can scatter evenly and combine with the feeds, so that it is not easy to be separated. When eaten by the poultry, it can help them to digest and adsorb the bacteria, then it will be emitted out of the poultry. It can strengthen their physiques. When used in the fishponds, it can make the water be clearer and have a good permeability, so that the living rate of products will be improved. The polishing friction industry: the polishing of brake pads in cars, mechanical steel plates, wood furniture and glass. The advantage of diatomite: it has a good lubricating property. Leather and artificial leather industry: artificial leathers, etc. 
     Fifth advantage: It has a good sunscreen capacity and light and soft quality. It is a good filler that can eliminate the pollution of leather: It has a light quality, a neutral pH value, no toxicity, soft and light quality and a high intensity. It can also block the sun and persist the high temperature. The diatomite can be used in coatings, paints, sewage treatment, etc.
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What’s diatomaceous earth stuffing?
For applied structures of diatomite, fillings act as the second largest use of diatomite inferior to filter-aid It is of light-weight, soft-quality, multi-hole, sound insulation, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, large specific surface area as well as stable chemical property and other series of good characters, so diatomite is a kind of functional fillings wildly used in many industrial fields
How about quality stability of products of your company?
Raw materials of our company for producing diatomite filter-aid are completely from self-owned mine and high quality ores with SiO2 more than 85% are used for production Our company persists in inspecting all raw materials, intermediate products and additives and strictly implements ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standards and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system standards during actual production Tracking for finished products is
Functional Mechanism of Diatomite(diatomaceous earth) Filter-aid
Circulate pre-coating liquid of diatomite again and again to make the first layer of diatomite deposited on the filter medium, and this process is called as pre-coating Then make a spot of diatomite added into original liquid timely, which is called as addition Along with process of filtration, the diatomite added mixes with impurities in the original liquid, depositing on the pre-coating layer, thus new pre-coating layers are formed constantly;
Selection of Model of Diatomite (diatomaceous earth) Filter-aid
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How about chemical stability of Diatomite (diatomaceous earth) filter-aid?
“Tosens” brand diatomite filter-aid has chemical stability and doesn’t’ produce chemical change with the suspension except for the hydrofluoric acid and also is not soluble in fluid phase; moreover, it has low heavy metal content and doesn’t contain poor impurities, dyeing, sand grains and unpleasant odor High-purity raw material, advanced production equipment and high-standard quality management system can fundamentally relieve the client