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Qilu Petrochemical

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      Qilu petrochemical cooperation, located in Zibo city of Shandong province, is a giant joint cooperation directly subordinate to China Petrochemical Cooperation. It has been providing various chemical products for people with its rich resources and enterprising spirit.

      Many chemical products will have the emergence of solid impurities after reaction. Chemical products filtering clarification has been problem without a good solution in the quality improvement of Qilu petrochemical products. Introdced by their peers, Qilu petrochemical contacted Qingdao shengtai, because as a filter to clarify chemical products, requires both the permeability of diatomite filter aid, and its adsorption amount of finished product cannot be too high, this problem has been troubling Qilu petrochemical for a long time. Through constant technical research,Qingdao shengtai company finally solved the problem which laied a solid technical basis for the cooperation with Qilu petrochemical cooperation.

      Qingdao shengtai silicon industry limited company has 10 years experience in diatomite production, relying on high quality raw material base and innovation of production technology, to produce diatomite products of high filtration precision and large surface. In cooperation, the quality of petrochemical products offered by Qilu petrochemica have greatly improved because of the high grade diatomite products offered by Qingdao shengtai silicon industry company.  In the cooperation, Qingdao Shengtai is also strict with itself and make its technology more exquisite. Making progress in the cooperation, in  beyond themselves in the progress and win glories, Qingdao shengtai is willing to work with partners with hand in hand and move towards a much broader tomorrow.
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What’s diatomaceous earth stuffing?
For applied structures of diatomite, fillings act as the second largest use of diatomite inferior to filter-aid It is of light-weight, soft-quality, multi-hole, sound insulation, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, large specific surface area as well as stable chemical property and other series of good characters, so diatomite is a kind of functional fillings wildly used in many industrial fields
How about quality stability of products of your company?
Raw materials of our company for producing diatomite filter-aid are completely from self-owned mine and high quality ores with SiO2 more than 85% are used for production Our company persists in inspecting all raw materials, intermediate products and additives and strictly implements ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standards and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system standards during actual production Tracking for finished products is
Functional Mechanism of Diatomite(diatomaceous earth) Filter-aid
Circulate pre-coating liquid of diatomite again and again to make the first layer of diatomite deposited on the filter medium, and this process is called as pre-coating Then make a spot of diatomite added into original liquid timely, which is called as addition Along with process of filtration, the diatomite added mixes with impurities in the original liquid, depositing on the pre-coating layer, thus new pre-coating layers are formed constantly;
Selection of Model of Diatomite (diatomaceous earth) Filter-aid
Choosing right filter-aid model is crucial to success of use Since it’s different of filter machine, operating environment and technical requirement for each factory, different models of filter-aid in our company could be chosen randomly on the basis of ensuring clear filter liquid and getting most filtration quantities So generally on the premise of satisfying technical requirement, it is a must to search for maximal filtration speed, according
How about chemical stability of Diatomite (diatomaceous earth) filter-aid?
“Tosens” brand diatomite filter-aid has chemical stability and doesn’t’ produce chemical change with the suspension except for the hydrofluoric acid and also is not soluble in fluid phase; moreover, it has low heavy metal content and doesn’t contain poor impurities, dyeing, sand grains and unpleasant odor High-purity raw material, advanced production equipment and high-standard quality management system can fundamentally relieve the client